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Continuing Education Class Schedule

Palisades Real Estate offers classes on a rotating basis or by appointment. Classes are offered as double session or single session. Double sessions consist of 2 three hour classes. Students must attend both sessions in order to receive credit for the class. No partial credit can be awarded**. Single session classes are completed in one day as a 6 hour session. Please note: extra time is scheduled to allow for classroom breaks. Makeup classes are available, if necessary, at no additional cost.

To meet the minimum statutory requirement, attendance shall be computed on the basis of an hour equaling 50 minutes. For every 50 minutes there shall be an additional 10 minute break. The time of the breaks shall be left to the discretion of the individual education coordinator. Breaks shall not be considered optional, nor are they to be used to release the class earlier than scheduled.

Requirements: Students must attend the required amount of hours for their course. They must complete worksheets, review questions,participate in discussions, and view videos. All payments must be made by the end of the course.

Tardiness: In the event that the training agent is more than10 minutes late, they will be required to reschedule the course. In the event that the training agent misses class, they can reschedule for the next training class. *No credit hours will be given until the required number of hours and objectives are completed.


Property Management and Managing Risk, and Financing Today

Tuesday 7:00PM – 10:30PM

Thursday 7:00PM – 10:30PM


The Truth About Mold

Thursday 7:00PM - 10:30PM


Before Hitting Send

Thursday 7:00PM – 10:30PM


Commercial and Investment Real Estate: Tools of the Trade

Can be completed in one or two classes. More information will be available soon.



** Please call for information on making up a missed class.