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  • How will I know if my credits are applied to my license?

Upon completion of the course, our team uploads your credits to the state.  You will also receive a certificate for the course stating number of credits you completed.


  • How do I verify that my credits were uploaded to the New Jersey Real Estate Commission?

You can go on the PSI website ( ) which will give you the instructions on how to login using your License Number. Once logged in, you will select Attendance on the upper left hand side, which will then show you all the credits that you have been awarded.

  • How often are the Continuing Education Credits needed?

The New Jersey Real Estate Commission requires all agents to complete 12 CE credits every two years.  Credits need to be completed by June 30th   to coincide with license renewals.  To avoid late fees in renewing your license, be sure to complete all classes prior to the June 30th deadline.  

  •  Scheduled classes are not convienient for me.   Is there any other way to take the courses?

Yes, we also provide some online courses which are readily available to you. Click the tab above to re-direct you to the online course webpage .


  • Can we have the instructor train at our establishment?

Palisades Real Estate CE is very flexible and can create a class to meet your needs.  With a minimum of 10 people, we can schedule a class at your location, our location, or other venue.  Please call for details. 

What should I do if I missed a class?

Attendance records are kept for every class.  It's okay if you miss a class. You can easily jump into the following scheduled class to complete the course you missed. There is no extra charge.  Just call to reschedule. No credits will be rewarded until all class hours have been satisfied.