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We encourage all the students to be early so we can all start together, we do not want anyone to miss any of the class, In order to receive NJRC CE credits, the state requires all students be present for the entire class.   All class materials are handed out prior to class. 

To meet the minimum statutory requirements, attendance shall be computed on the basis of an hour equaling 50 minutes. For every 50 minutes of instructions there shall be an additional 10 minute break. The time of the breaks shall be left to the discretion of the individual education coordinator.  Breaks shall not be considered optional, nor are they to be used to release the class earlier than scheduled.


Prospective students can easily register by filling out our Contact form on the tab above or by calling 201-832-2087 (Anthony Catanzaro).


Students are required to attend their training hours, complete worksheets, review questions, participate in discussion, and view videos. All payments need to be made by the end of the course.


In the event the student is more than 10 minutes late, they will be  required to reschedule for the next training class. In the event the student misses a class, they will be able to reschedule for the next training class at no charge. No credit will be given until all the course hours and objectives are completed.

Learning Materials Supplied :

Course books, work sheets, video/equipment, videos