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"Thank you for another enjoyable class...I find your classes very informative and empowering" - Teresa

"Anthony was extremely enthusiastic about the material which made dry material more absorbable. His sense of humor was a real asset" - Student

"Excellent presentation by Anthony Catanzaro. Best Continuing Ed program I attended to date" - Student

"I re-learned what I forgot which is a good thing. Great wake up call. Well taught!" -Bruce

"I was here 2 years a go- came back to his training because of all the information I learned from him- I will continue taking classes with him- thanks so much" - Altagracia

"By the wonderful teaching method and style- I larned a lot" - Student

"Anthony is very enthusiatic- good job" - Joe

"As a returning studne our knowledge of R.E Ethics and Property Manangement is IMPECCABLE" - Student

"Instructor was very well versed in the subject area" - T.P

"Very enjoyable course that was very thorough" - T.S.

"Anthony is very knowledgeable instructor who keeps you on your toes. He engages his students so that you neveer feel like you're in a classroom, but in an interactive setting where the content flows. I highly recommend his class" - P.M.

"Very informative and detailed on Property Management and Managing Risk. Appreciated learning on what to look for in bying a multifamily home. I undersand my investors better now" - L.M.

"Anthony kept the information informative and interesting" - J.C.

"Done well! He knows his stuf! Very thorough! Kept my attention." - C.P

"I though the instructor was engaging during the presentation of difficult materia. He was vert well versed and knowledgeable. He presented the material in an easy to follow manner. He gave real life case scenarios based on his experience. I loved the class!" - Alina

- Comments from Century 21 Lyndhurst, NJ -

"Will look for more classes offered by instructor."  - Gina

"The presentation was very informative. He was very organized and able to answer all questions." - Rita A

"Strongly recommend this. knowledgeable and experienced with an incredible sense of humor that allows to go through your classes faster with the sense that you've learned a lot." - Jolanta

"Excellent! I enjoyed the class and learned." - Norma

"Instructor is lively and comical, kept us awake." - Teresa

"Anthony Catanzaro is a true leader. Very professional I thank him for his time, he has a great sense of humor, strict, and a great instructor." - Joanne

"Kept everyone interested. Learned things I had forgotten." - Rich

"Great instructor, very knowledgable, very enthusiastic." - Daniel Alvarez

"He has full knowledge, had my attention all the time. Time went really quick in his session." - Raza